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Canobie Big Game Fall 1999

The Images below are from the Fall Canobie Big Game at Canobie Paintball. I am not sure how many people were there this year but last years fall game had close to 600 registered players. I apologize for the haze in some of the images, I got the lense dirty and didn't know it.
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This is just a random pic of the crowd, the female player in the foreground on the right is Christine, she was a memeber of our little group.

A group shot, and the only picture that I am in, can you guess which one I am....

Here is the situation. I was severly pinned down and this guy was trying desperatly to get rid of the threat so I could get my ass out of there... so I made efficient use of my time and took some pictures.

When Tippman squad busters attack... this is what happens when the enemy throws a grenade at you, and hits you.

Ah, My favorite player. center frame, JT shirt, He has "Chick Magnent" written on it. right.... Squid magnent is more fitting. Honestly.

to get an idea of the amount of people there, this is just part of one team.

Here is Mike demonstrating advanced camoflague techniques.

The player centerframe is Scott, the owner and operator of Slam Paintball in South Yarmouth MA. He was another player in our small group of friends. Here is the situation, line of players hiding behind a stone wall infront of us, me with my KP and him with his Shocker. For backup we had 20 Spyder weilding players hiding 100 feet behind us in the bushes providing no help whatsoever. He gets my award for best dialog on the field. With no cover at all in this picture, he is yelling at the other team as they bounce shots off him.

This is the begining of the village game. They stick all the players on to a field that is too small, gets pretty crazy. These are my favorite shots, before and after the whistle.

Here is Scott giving us his best paintball pose durring the village game

This just shows you just how small the village field is and just how crowded it gets.