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KP Hunting: Episode #2

Becoming bored with hunting Stuffed animals, Our hunter James Helbling turns to the other "Big Game" in the area, Neighborhood Children.

Through a clearing in the woods James spots two children frolicing on the edge of their yard.

Stealthly our hunter moves closer, It is imparative that he stays downwind of his prey.

Unaware of their impending demise the two children continue to play while only yards from the hunter.

One child flees after hearing the report of the shot, we'll spare her for another day.

The hunter poses with his trophy

(Disclaimer): In light of all the screwed up stuff that has been happening in areas of the world with kids and guns shooting eachother, This is just a joke. No children were harmed (really) in the production of this series. In fact I let them shoot a bunch of trees with my KP as compensation for thier time and they were happy with that.