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KP Hunting: Episode #3

2 months ago stuffed animal hunter James Helbling turned up missing after venturing into the woods looking for another specimen of the New Hampshire Orangutan (stufftus orangutanus). The bodies were never located but the camera that James and his cameraman were using has surfaced. The following images were taken from the missing hunter's (James Helbling) camera.

Here we have hunter Jim, a highly regaurded stuffed animal hunter of the Northeast United States preparing for a hunt.

In this image the hunter is hit from the rear.

It appears that he has been hit three times from the rear by an unknown sniper.

the hunter falls to his knees and collapses.

We believe this to be a image of where they think the shot originated from

Upon closer examination of the image, we have located the shooter(s).

Using a Silicon Graphics workstation and microsoft paint, we have enhanced the close-up and can now identify the assailaints.

Oh dear god! It seems to be the two animals from episode one, back for revenge and they have gotten thier paws on an Automag with a compressed air setup. Lesson to be learned... Always empty the clip before walking away....

The camera man seems to have been hit while running away.....

This is belived to be his final shot as he lies on his back dying.