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Long Island Big Game

This was an impressive game to say the least. Possibly the first thing on the list that impressed me was the overall exceptional attitudes of all those who were there. There were a ton of big names there. I had the chance to play with all of them. Quite honestly, this event made my head swell a little.. geez, I didn't think I'd run into so many people that knew me and my webpage. I was psuedo-famous. I had no idea, it was really cool. Anyway.. about the game. the first day consisted of a 5-man rec tourny durring the day and a big stock class game at night. the second day was an all out BIG GAME.

Day one:
RAIN... and then some more rain
Even with the horrible weather we had to deal with everyone stayed in good spirits. The first matter of buisness was the rec tourny. I was invited to play with the Paintball Marshals in this event. The marshals that attended consist of Jim Masse (founder), Melissa Masse, Josh, Brian. For the most part we only played stock and pump for this tourny. we were just out there to have fun. When all was said and done.. we ended up getting supriesed and walking away with the Sportsmanship Trophy. And that means a ton to me considering I thought everyone that I met had a great attitude. My favorite game in the tourny was against Team Internet, great bunch of guys. You can imagine how thrilled we were to walk out and see other players toting stock/pump guns.. They only had 3 players to our 5 so we shed 2 players to make it even.. we lost but had an absoulte blast while playing... we even got the ref to let us set it up again and play again. We won the second game (not offical tourny game so it had no score).
Around 8:00 we got a stock class only game going on the village field. Yet another of the funnest games I've played. I love stock but don't come across many chances to go stock on stock. This was great, we had near 50 players or so and played up untill midnight.

Day Two: Woke up to rain and almost left... but I stuck in there I and I was glad I did. This was the day of the big game. The general goal was there were different sections and you wanted to control the flag station in each section, that's how you gained points. I played with the KP-2 this whole game. If I wasn't off leading a charge I was lurking alone in a bush picking off wandering players from the other team. Spent some time in a bush that was sporting some nasty thorns, my hand is all cut up.. but it's not worth doing if you aren't going to bleed a little.. I eliminated my first angle player with my KP this game.. was a good feeling. I was once again lurking off away from our main group.. They were making a lot of noise facing off against a group of the Blue teams players. as always, people break off and try and flank. This is where I'd come in.... I'd stay off to the side of the rest of our players by atleast 500-600 feet and wait for small groups to try and flank. as they passed me I'd try and pick off the rear players who were not watching as closely, tactic works really well, especially when playing stock. Well this unfortunate angle player was a wandering in the rear with a younger cocker player. I let them pass me and just walked up to the cocker player like I was on his team (my RED band in full view) and asked him to surrender.. he quietly did so. the other player had no idea what happened. He had moved up and was laying down behind a bunker trying to long ball my players across the ravine. This is when I moved up and put two shots on him from about 25 feet. I can only imagine the dissapointment he felt when he saw what gun was used to remove him from the game.. gotta love the little moments like that. Other things going on in this game included a helicoptor that carried one player "Doc" that would shoot ANY player that it came across. Also each team had a tank that could not be destroyed that carried players. all and all it was a really good day and a good end to the event.

Sorry, I will have pictures posted soon.. you can get a zip file with all the images Here 7.1MB