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My Situation

Well I bet you are wondering how it was that we managed to come across over 25 of these difficult to find guns. My brother lived in VA. at the time, Paintball is a decently new sport out there compared to here in New England. Most players in VA and the south couldn't careless about what a stock class gun is. Well a paintball shop that my brother went to had gotten 32 KP's from the Near by USMC base in Norfolk VA. He soon found out that stock class guns were a hard sell in the area and only managed to sell 6 in 1 year. The store owner appreciated the guns, but didn't have the time to work on them and get them running and looking good again. My brother bought one gun from him and informed me of the guns. Well I talked to some of my friends and quickly got together an order for 7 guns. Rudy the shop owner saw the opertunity to sell the guns quickly and offered the remaining 15 guns that he had at and extremely low bulk price. My brother and I got the money together and bought the 15 in addition to the two that we already perosonally owned. I have managed to sell all the guns but the one that I use. The guns themselves have a pretty intersting history. The specific guns that we had were used for various training exercises. I can only guess that they were beach exercises by the amount of sand that we pulled from the guns. The guns all had painted Identification numbers on the stocks, they have been refinished now though. Also we had some ID barcode stickers and a decommission receipt from 1997 for a lot of 5 guns..

One of the barcode ID tags from the guns

Decommission recipt for a lot of 5 guns