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Stock/Pump War Stories

If you are anything like the rest of us Stock/Pump lovers, you have been in and come out of some pretty bad situations victorious. If you have any good stock/pump war stories that you'd like to share with the rest of us, please submit them to

Submitted by Jon Jones

I play at a field where a class A ameture team dominates the field and thinks they can do anything they can. well, i have owned a rainmaker and a mag with nitro, and i find no substitute for the Sniper II. anyway, I got there and took out my sniper II and got the usuall "He He, easy target" And as always i standed there and smiled. before the first game started, i had befrended a guy there using a Hammer with a i think it was a armason stealth barrel. he had little experiance with this field but looked like a good stock player.

The ref signaled the first game and i was found darting down the right side of the field to get into the good sniper positions when i was met with a hailstorm of paint. 2 class A players were there to meet us with a bushmaster 2000 and a Gen X cocker.

Me and this unknown hammer user decided to take cover against this wooden fence and wait. while waiting, one of these players brought down 4 newbies and kept our heads in by pelting either side. finally the firing stoped on my side, so i assumed one of the guys was going to bunker me. My hunch was right, because as soon as i turned around, the face of a bright JT mask met mine and i pulled the trigger. luckly i was peeking out of the Bushmasters line of fire and got the guy out before he could move his gun.

After about 2 more minutes, the guy with the hammer got fed up with just sitting there and ran for a brush pile. he got there ans made a diving shot and took out one of the two rookies left keeping me covered. the guy with the autococker then turned to him as i cycled another ball into my sniper and kicked his trigger into high gear. Our friend with the hammer just sat tight and did not get hit once as he moved into a blind spot.

Then i turned around and nailed the last rookie with two shots. after about 5 more minutes of intense firing between my sniper II and his autococker i heard 1 shot and then "AWW CRAP!!!" i then proceded to look around to see the guy with the autococker, nailed in the back of the head, and the guy with the hammer, standing victorious.

Since then, we have formed a stock team(Outriggers)who can take on any semi, any day!!!!

Jon Jones

Submitted by Swampthing

My buddy & I went to the field in Cheboygan Sunday for the open game. As we uncased our guns after registration, we got the typical looks from those that didn't know us. You know the one:"Look. Those guys are using pumps. They'll be easy outs." The ref sounded game on & we took off from the flag station, busted ass down to the edge of the village by the house trailer & paused to survey the situation. Found a couple of barrels poking out the windows & decided to do something about it. After IDing the bad guys, we slipped up to the back window and I took the first guy. Took 3 shots to do it.{Using a modified Spyder Pump, sights were off} Then we slid up the side to the back door, where Sean took the next one with a single round. The bad guy came out the back door, I slipped in where he was, and sat down on the floor, while Sean snuck further up to the side window. I yelled for the guy who's back was to me to surrender. He turned, looked, & immediatly agreed. The guy in front of him with the rainmaker tried to dart for cover, but I barked at him too. He was about to argue the point, when Sean poked his barrel through the window and convinced him otherwise. By the end of the game, the two of us had taken out six guys, almost a third of the opposing team, cleared out there flag station and backdoored the village. All in all, a good first game. By days end, we had fifteen surrenders and uncounted eliminations of the normal type. We had gained the respect of those who snickered at our pumps, and contributed to our teams efforts in ways that most didn't realize. But that is a different tale.

Submitted by Fishguy (Site Operator)

I was up at Orlando Paintball, in of all places Orlando Flordia. I was playing walk-on with my friend Nick. He had his newly aquired Sterling and I was playing with my Sniper II. Needless to say, out of 25 people we were the only two pumps playing. The field was full of little kids with RT's and Cockers, you know the type. It was an hyperball course that we were playing on, in hyperball everyone seems to try and go full out right down the center. What ends up happening is that all the players bunker up and sit there for the rest of the game painting the plywood verticals. Nick and I broke off on our own and moved off to the side and began to push up along the tapeline. There were only a few players over there so before we knew it we were on the rear line behind the enemy players. the two of us went head to head with two players along the rear line. I'd take a shot at them, then they would take a look thinking that I couldn't get the next shot off quick enough to hit them, This is where Nick would pick them off when they looked. The next players we caught completely by suprise, he had no idea we were working along the rear now. Just after the first shot he gave me the "hey you idiot, why are you shooting at me" look thinking that we were on his team. The next guy was completely supprised, I made a run for the flag station and he noticed me. I popped out around the left side of the bunker and took a shot and landed it just above his head on the bunker. The only problem was that here I was behind this really nice wide bunker and he was stuck on the wrong side of a small bunker with no where to go. I asked him if he wanted to surrender knowing that I could hit him. He stood there and looked at me, I counted to 2 and took the shot. While the ball was in mid flight he raised his hands, a little too late I might add. The ball found it's mark just below his left armpit. Nick and I, the two pumps, managed to eliminate 6 players, 1 by surrender. I'd say we had a pretty good game.

My friend and I were in orlando, Fl. playing, I had been eliminated and was watching the game from the side. I began talking to some kid, he had noticed that I had a pump (Sniper II). he was also marveling at how good my friend was doing, he was hitting people left and right, really long accurate shots. The kid then told me that he hates pumps, they were slow and old in his mind.. oh yeah, and his spyder is a marvel of modern technology.. I then pointed out that my friend plays with a sterling pump. he didn't realize that the guy that single handedly eliminated the remaining 4 players on the other team was playing with a pump... he didn't have much to say after I pointed that out to him.

Sam had just spent way too much money on a Compressed air system for his Spyder, the whole time advertising that it was going to make him an unbeatable player. I sincerely doubted this, so I issued a challenge. I with my Sniper II against Sam with his "Super Spyder" one on one. For the two weeks leading up to the game Sam was talking trash and telling me that pumps were garbage, really digging a deep hole for himself. When it all came down to it, we played two games and I came out of both with an easy win. Sam couldn't offer any excuses why I shut him down so easily using only a pump. Also after talking to some mutual friends and telling them about my victory, they were shocked that Sam neglected to mention that part of the day to them.


Here is a war story from the pages of Jim "The Chia Pet " Masse Back in 1995 . I was playing on a speedball field the only stock player in a nine on eight game . I moved to the right bunker on the tape line , then bell crawled to the center bunker . The player on the oppossing tape line do not see my move so when he advanced up I shoot him and his friend from the side ,then crawled to the bunker they where at to shoot out their center player .The player to the their rear left corner then started shooting at me. one hundred shots were fired at me and my kp before I goggled him . My team mates had eliminated all but one mag player near the flag station ,He was running on a remote with a slide check valve and quick disconnect I belly crawled behind him as he was shooting at the bunker I was at a few minutes before while he was shooting I shut off his slide check , As his Mag coughed and died I in formed Him he was Out . He then said if he did not run out of air he would have shot me . I then told him what I did to his gun because I did not feel his was worth the price of a paintball.

Submitted by Jeff Barnett

I was playing at a field once, and made a couple of decent eliminations one game. Got back up top to find several of the 'bad guys' clustered around the field owner. I had chronoed my gun that morning, and it was only shooting 240 due to my having cut the spring on a hot day to get it legal...and this day was a lot cooler. Anyway, they were saying how I was making 60 yard eliminations and I HAD to be shooting hot. So Jim, the field owner and good guy, told me to bring my gun over and chrono. I was a little worried, I mean, what if it sucked some liquid or something? But not to worry...I fired abotu 5 shots, all in the 225 to 235 FPS range. Jim then boys can't complain about that! And I said, yep, and you guys are lucky I CAN'T turn it up!

Submitted by Lonnie Ott

I just got my KP-3. It has a few problems. But they weren't as obvious at first. It leaks air, badly. It did just fine at the chrono. Then we went out to the field. We were attacking the tower. Well, you all know how far a KP will shoot. Mine wasn't. I had to get closer because it wasn't shooting as far as it should. After jumping from tree to tree and hiding behind a tire bunker for a little bit, I took a burst to the hand and walked off the field saying to myself "Huh?". After I aired it up again. I was shooting a long way. We played a couple of elimination games and some more attack and defend of the tower. The last game I played, an elimination game, I and another guy (autococker) had to cross a field to get to a bunker with three guys in it. We got one of them out with a long shot. And another from around 20 yards. I was starting to run out of air but was getting closer and closer, so the shots still made it. I crept up as close as I could without running out of the small christmas trees in front of me. My partner has played for a long time and recognized my problem. So he lit up the side of the bunker and with my gun not even racked, I ran up and yelled "Surrender Now!!" with the gun pointed at the guy in the bunker. He did. As we walked off the field I shot a test shot. It went 4 feet and dropped. You could here the valve go pop real quietly. The guy from the bunker glared at me, my partner laughed.

Submitted By: Brian R.

This story is from the first time I played with the PB Marshals at Survival Southeast. I was on Jim Masse's team and was "tagging" along with him when we got seperated in a big fire fight. I later found myself out in the open field with 5 of my teammates and 5 of the other team in front of us just out of range. Both sides sarted fireing at one another but we were just falling shot of them and they of us. So I decided to point my gun up about 30 degrees and fired off a shot. Not thinking I was going to hit someone I later heard "I'm Hit!!" and saw a player walking off the field with a blue streak down her hand and arm. At first I didn't think it was me that hit her but later in the day I found out I was the only one shooting blue paint. Also that same day I had crawled onto some bushes next to a path after about 3 min. of waiting I was about to crawl out when one of the opposing teams people came by he looked directly at me for about 10 sec. then turned arround and started to walk away(I wear all black so it's kinda hard to see me in the dark or in heavy shaded overgrowth). I thought this was my chance so I rased my gun and the only person who saw it was the ref( he later told me all he saw was about 3 inches of the barrrel and thought that guy was going to get one hell of a enima) and I pulled the trigger and shot him directly in the right Buttcheek. I had one problem though about 3 of his teammates heard the shot and came running in his direction when one spotted me I shot at Him, But alsas I missed because he kinda did one of those Matrix bend back dodgesand it rolled right over him(trust me he's a big guy but boy is he agile), well to make a long story short I got shot I called myself out then when I whent to clean up I found out it had bounced and I could have gotten a second shot off and nailed the big guy(bob).
Thanks Brian R.