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Dissasembling a KP-2

Step # Description Picture
1 Remove the stock by locating the screw on the bottom of the gun and removing the screw, then seperate the stock from the gun body
2 Rotate with the ball tube on the opposite side from you, rotate the bolt toward you to expose the hammer screw. Use a Jewler's screwdrive or pliers to remove the screw.
3 Pull the pump back to remove the bolt. Move it slowly, there is a spring and two ball bearings that will launch themselves if you are not careful durring this step
4 Once the bolt is completely out of the gun body, unscrew it from the cocking rod.
5 Remove the forward ball cap by locating the screw on the bottom of the cap and removing it.
6 Slide the pump handle forward off of the gun body
7 Remove the second pin from the rear using a pair of pliers
8 Remove the rear trigger assembly by pulling it off from the rear. You can now remove the hammer spring and hammer. (When reassembling, remember that the pin should be in the rear of the spring)

This is my personal method and description of the process to disassemble the gun.
If you chose to follow these direction, you do so at your own risk.
have a nice day.