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Submitted By: Swampthing


This project came about from the fact that most paintball guns are obviously made somewhere in Oz, cuz they are only big enough for your average Munchkin. I am bigger than that. The original stock was just to short. A buddy of mine came over after Christmas to show off his new muzzleloader. I took a look and found that with some whittling and patching, I could convert it to fit my KP. This is how I went about making it so.


Stock : Knight rifle LK-93 Wolverine .50 cal. Muzzleloader

Tank Bracket: ĺ"x ľ"x 16" piece of 6061 aluminum


Appropriate screwdrivers


Heavy vise

Drill motor

Miter box [not necessary, but it helps]

Oxy/ Acetylene torch [propane or MAPP gas might work]

Coarse Flat file

High speed cutter # 191

Drum sander heads #407 & 403

Coarse bands for both heads


Putty knife [ice tea spoon works]

5/16" drill bit



1: 1 ľ" roundhead bolt [coarse

1: ĺ" roundhead bolt [coarse]

1: 14" braided hose


STEP 1: Measure about 3 Ĺ" to 4" from the front of the stock. This should put you about 1 Ĺ" behind the front sling lug. Cut it there, using the miter box. Donít fret if your measurements arenít exactly right, this ainít rocket science. Save the piece you cut off, you will need it later. Remove the trigger guard and save the screws.

STEP 2: Set the barrel in the stock and take note of where the trigger hits. The sear hook hits a square lip in the bottom. The trigger hits the front of the hole for it. Both of these areas need to be cut and grooved a bit. Donít go ballistic, just take out a bit at a time until the stock clears the moving parts. The trigger should move smoothly through it entire travel. The front of the trigger slot should be cut out about ľ" to 3/8".

Step 3: Scratch up the track the barrel set in. These donít have to be deep, but there has to be a lot of them. Mix the BONDO as per instructions. Work QUICKLY!!! When they say, " sets in 3 to 4 minutes", they ainít kidding . Those of you who have old cars know what I mean. For those who donít, weíre talking -----ROCK HARD in 5 minutes.

Make sure to leave enough room for the trigger assembly to slide in place. Donít worry if it doesnít fit perfect, you can add or remove some as needed. Also, donít fill in to close to the assembly bolt.
Now that it is filled, walk away for 10 minutes. When you come back the BONDO will be set. Sand by hand to fit the barrel well. This part takes a lot of time, so be patient.

STEP 4: The Tank Bracket

WARNING!!! 6061 aluminum is very strong, but also very BRITTLE!!!! If you attempt to bend it without first heating it, you will break it. When heating it, remember that aluminum heats very quickly, so be careful. It has to be heated to near melting, but not to melting.

The first bend is about 1 Ĺ" from the end. It is a 90 degree bend. After that, the easiest way to finish is to bend it so that the old bracket fits into the new one.[see picture]

Mark where the holes go in relation to the bolt hole in the front of the stock and where you put the one in the grip. Now that you canít use the stock tank rings, get a couple of hose clamps. They donít look the best, but they do work well.

Step 5: Trigger Guard

My trigger guard is proof that Spyder parts are useful for something. I took the guard off of a 45 double trigger and reversed all but the first bend , where the bolt went through.

Now, remember that piece you cut off the front? You need it now. Use the Dremel with the ľ" coarse sanding drum to grind down the inside of one side to about 3/8" thick for about 1 Ĺ". This little piece gets cut to fit in behind the trigger where the old trigger guard was. Use the screws that came with the stock to attach these two items.

I got a longer hose for mine because the extra length at the rear made it a bit barrel heavy. The longer hose allows you to move the tank back, countering this some.

The stock I bought cost about 70$ including shipping. Knight rifle does have more expensive models that cost up to 150$. You cannot order them over the net. You have to call. The phone number is on their website.

Some images of the finished product.

Synthetic Stock on top and a factory stock on bottom.