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About Me

My name is James Helbling and this is my mess. I created this page just as something to do that showcased my intrestes. I love to play stock class and pump so much that I wanted to share it with people who have and have not yet experienced it. I am a devoted pump player, Main gun that I use is the Bud Orr Sniper II pictured here. I get the KP out alot too, whenever there are other stock class players around or a big game of any sort. Over time I've kinda become the local novelty pump player. Then I got a Cocker and they reailzed that I was a really good player too, all that pump playing pays off. A good pump player makes an even better semi player..... So now I am on a team, the decepticons... like from the transformers... as you can tell we are not too serious, just out there to have fun.

I am 21 year old routing engineer with the high speed commercial operations division of RCN Communications. It's a good job that pays even better, can support all my bad habits now.

Well, this is where the KPOG comes from, me sitting in front of mt Homebuilt PII 300. I am doing this site pretty much all by myself. I also don't use any programs other than a text editor, and knowledge of HTML.

This is the chaos in which I exist, it has been alot of work getting the 17 KP's in shooting condition, many hours sitting on the cold ground in my basement.

Go Here to check out how/why I had 17 KP-2's

The other thing that consumes my time is my car and bike. My car is a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS with all the options. The bike is a 1991 Kawasaki Zephyr 750.