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Tech Stuff and Mods

This page will rely mainly on Submittions made buy visitors, please if you have something share it with us.
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Basic Tech Stuff and Mods:

Removal of Safety

Submitted by:
James Helbling (Fishguy)

I know that the safety is a built-in safety device designed to keep us from accidentally shooting eachother, so by removing this you could increase the chance of an unsafe misfire. Consider that my disclaimer. The only problem with the safety ion the KP is that it occasionally engages itself durring a game, this has got me into bad situations once or twice. I removed mine and it obviously eliminated this problem.

Start by removing the stock from the gun. Remove the two screws on the rear of the gun that hold the U shaped safety on. Be sure that you don't put the pieces somewhere and lose them, there may be a time where you will need to put it back on for a tourny or other event.

Advanced Tech Stuff and Mods:

  • Synthetic Stock Project by Swampthing