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My Personal Picture Gallery

Here is the Helbling family collection of Sheridan KP-2 Paintball guns. This might be the only time in your life where you will 17 of these lined up next to eachother. If you are wondering just how it is that my brother and I own 17 KP's, Click here.

Here is my brother displaying the same 17 Kp's

Here is a picture of another group of KP's that have come throught my hands. This is actually a different group of guns than is shown in the pictures above. The gray gun in the pics above is actually in this group too, so there are actually 6 guns here that are differnt than above.


These are the guns that we usually play with personally, Mine is the blue one.

all but one of the KP's in the above pics sits in the 056### range of serial numbers. The one in this picture is in the 032### range, it has a differnt pumping handle. instead of being ribbed, it is knurled (cross cut). You can go Here to view the serial numbers that I have tracked.