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Page Updates

This is a list by date of all the updates that I have been making to the page.

6.10.00 Added Story, Updated Serial List, general cleaning, Site should hit 16,000 very soon.. thanks everyone.

5.31.00 Added pages, Added Chat room feature to site

2.22.00 PAGE HIT 10,000!!! Updated broken links

2.9.00 Added Story

1.30.00 Added serial # and added and updated various content.

12.25.99 Added serial #

12.12.99 Added serial # and some pics to misc

11.28.99 Added serial # to list

11.25.99 Added page for Pictures from Canobie Big Game, Fall 99'

9.16.99 Added one war story, added one member to list.

9.15.99 Cleaned all unclaimed guns from serial list

8.24.99 Updated misc stuff, added one to serial list

7.13.99 Updated serial/members list

7.6.99 Added one story

6.30.99 Updated member list and added one story

6.22.99 Added Misc pic gallery and multiple images.

6.17.99 Added Updates page, Added a new picture gallery for my personal paintball pics..

6.14.99 Added one story to the "war stories page and one picture to the submitted images page

6.3.99 The dangers of shipping a KP.... My brother was bringing one of the KP's down to the "Mail Manager", it is a store that boxes and ships stuff. Well one of the employees from one of the surrounding stores saw him walking into the shop with a KP-2 in his hands, they thought it was a real gun so they called the police. Next thing he knew there was an officer inside the shop with his gun drawn and 3 cruisers sitting outside. Luckily they didn't take much to make them realize that it was just a paintball gun.

6.1.99 Posted synthetic stock mod, submitted by Swampthing

5.27.99 Come and check out the War Stories page, even better yet Submit your own. We all want to hear how you prevailed over the forces of EVIL (aka: Semi's).

5.17.99 Episode #2 and #3 are up, go to The picture gallery. Also come meet the "Offical KPOG Mascot", Here

4.17.99 This is the "KPOG, KP Owners Group". Not to be confused in any way with the "KPOG, Kinky People Of Georgia" Sorry to dissapoint. You can find them Here